Challenge #1

Some of you know I got a new-to-me car in August. I love it! It is just the right height for me to get my son in and out of his car seat. Well, we have run into a bit of a problem! We don’t think my  car is wide  enough to fit three car seats. We have  one car seat that is 17 inches wide but we still can’t fit the other two in next to it.  So we’ve decided t0 order another 17 inch seat and HOPEFULLY my daughter’s seat will fit in between the two 17 inch seats. If it doesn’t, I’m not sure what we will do. I could drive Matt’s truck but getting the kids in and out will be VERY difficult for me.  I hope it all works out!!!


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We are officially healthy!

Matt had his physical last month and today it was my turn. I didn’t get a babysitter so Elijah came with me. I think God wanted to test my mommy skills! Actually, Eli was great during the appointment. The nurses gushed over him and he loved all of the attention. They also encouraged me on our journey of foster parenting. I got a tetanus shot and a TB test. Matt will get his TB test done tomorrow. If the TB tests are negative, our health screenings will be done and we will officially be physically able to take care of foster children!

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One step closer

Yesterday we officially moved Samantha to her new room upstairs! We bought some furniture from our friends and it looks great in the room. She was a little scared going to bed last night but we assured her that Eli was right next door to her.  Samantha loves her new furniture and can’t wait until her new horse themed duvet comes! Now we will start getting the foster child’s bedroom ready!!!

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If not us, who? If not now, when?

Matthew and I have always talked about adopting a child. I presume that we have always had compassion for children who live in difficult situations. In late August of 2009, I felt that God was leading us to become foster parents. The thought of taking care of those in need kept coming up as I read my Bible, listened to the sermons at church and even in the book I was reading at the time! I knew that being a Christian meant more than just learning about the Bible and believing in Jesus Christ. It means that we respond to all of the knowledge we have about Jesus’ teachings by living like He did!

I shared what I called my “crazy idea” to Matthew while we were taking a walk on a warm afternoon. Our five year old daughter was running ahead of us and Matthew was pushing our 13 month old son in his stroller. He immediately assured me that I was not crazy and he thought we should look into it. He was actually more motivated and excited about the idea than I was! We began to do research on foster parenting in our state. We also began praying that God’s will would be apparent and that we would respond to His will with obedience.  In September we went to a foster parent orientation meeting. We met a very pleasant social worker who gave us information about fostering and the formal foster parent training dates.  We told her we needed some time to discuss the idea and we would be in touch with her. In November, we decided to follow God’s calling to become foster parents and filled out the foster parent paperwork. We had our fingerprints and background checks completed in December and now we are just a week and a half away from our formal training!

We have told a few people about our decision to become foster parents. Most have been extremely supportive while others have basically said, “That is noble, but let someone else do it.” My response: “If not us, who? If not now, when?”

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